Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.

Ok, I still haven’t figured out how to beat the jet leg when you are going from one time zone to another but I do have a few things down when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Here is my favorite beauty routine when it comes to traveling and long flights.

  1. Headphones (download your fav playlist in advance so if you don’t have wifi, you still have access to your music). Get AUX cord as well so you can connect to inflight entertainment.
    Even if you aren’t listening to music, just keep your headphones on, trust me, it will protect you from unwanted conversation with weird neighbors.
  2. Eye mask. No need to elaborate here.
  3. I strongly recommend to fly with no make up on…if you had anything on, use moist wipes (not pictured here but always a must in my travel bag) to remove any make up.
  4. Moisturize before you take off and as often as your skin desires. You simply can’t over-moisturize. I am currently loving this light moisturizer from Burts & Bees for sensitive skin (even though my skin isn’t sensitive).
  5. Lipbalm. Enough said. Everyone loves it, everyone needs it. My current favorite is an all natural product from Dr. Roebuck’s
  6. Hand lotion. It drives me crazy when my hands are dry and whenever i forget hand lotion, i wanna cry…seriously, i dont care ill use the most expensive moisturizer on my hands. I also love taking those body lotions that i absolutely love when staying at the hotels. I could not not take this one Rose 31 from Le Labo. They always kill the game.
  7. Face spray. Spray as often as you can, your skin will thank you for hydrating it.
  8. Sanitizer. No words necessary here.
  9. The minute i get on an airplane, I get so excited and i want to have a drink, watch movies, read. That’s a problem when it comes to red eyes. I started driving myself crazy that I don’t want to sleep and start getting anxiety. My friend recommended this amazing oil that does wonders.
    DoTerra ‘Serenity’ calms you down and relaxes you. I wasn’t really able to fall asleep thanks to it but it definitely helps the anxiety and relaxes you.
  10. Now, when it comes down to getting ready to land and make yourself look like a human again. That’s when those Glossier serums come into play. Use all 3, one after the other. One of them contains Vitamin C, the other one is to refresh tired skin and the 3rd one is to calm red skin.
  11. Eye patches. Who doesn’t use them these days? Found this super affordable option thanks to friends from Korea. Yes to collagen.
  12. Drum roll….this is my favorite moisturizer when it comes to day/’camera ready’ routine. It speaks for itself, ‘In Transit Camera Close Up’ from ThisWorks. It does.

p.s. Once you pass security, do yourself a favor and get a big bottle of water. Stay hydrated.

Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.
Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.
Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.
Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.
Xenia's Fav Beauty Products for traveling & long flights.